Asian-Australasian Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (AASPN)

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Asian-Australasian Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (AASPN)
is founded in 2013.

And the purpose of the society shall be the advancement of pediatric neurosurgery in Asia and Australasia in all of the aspects by:

  • Facilitating the personal & inter-society communication
  • Developing and supporting education and training programs
  • Aiding in the establishment and development of pediatric neurosurgical units in developing countries
  • Fostering research in pediatric neurosurgery and allied sciences.

A primary means of achieving these purposes shall be the holding of the Congress of AASPN, at intervals of two years and educational programs as needed. These activities may be held for members of the Society and persons who are involved in the field of pediatric neurosurgery.